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Wondering what can make your and your kid’s holiday get better? There are various toys and gaming ideas that will never get you bored and help you spend a good time with your kids. We have a list of top 10 toys that you can buy and make the most of your happy family time. Below are the curated best toys for kids all year round. 

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#1 – Wooden Dentist Toy Set

toys for kids best

The dentist toy set apt for the kids who have grown up enough to understand who a doctor is. It is a great idea to play games pretending like a dentist and teaching your kids some healthy habits about their teeth. The set of 6 includes the tool for pulling teeth, toothbrush, oral mirror, teeth rod, plier, toothpaste and the denture model. Grab one and make your kids aware of what our dental health means.

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#4 – Kids Canvas Play Teepee

kids tent

This one is a perfect tent house for your kid made up using the cotton material, triangle in shape with the triangle prints. You may want to store your kid’s toys in the tent and let your kid enjoy a separate playroom for themselves. It is foldable, and thus you can carry it while traveling. Moreover, it is apt for any age group up to 3 years. Suitable for gifting purposes too, the kid is definitely going to love his or her new tent house. Yes if you have the budget, this is one of the best toys for kids.

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#5 – Wooden Luban Block Puzzle     

kids block toy wooden

This is an IQ brain teaser fun game you can consider if you are looking for an educational toy gift. Made up of wood, the child is supposed to make up the cube using the t shape blocks. You will be astonished to see your kid happy while he/she is done with making the cube. Childhood is a stage where the brain develops as fast as it can. It’s always good to ensure proper development of the child’s mind as he grows. This puzzle is one of them that’ll contribute to this improvement.

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#6 – Kids Wooden Toy Cameras

wood camera for kids

Looking at your cameras, your kid might be definitely wanting one for themselves. They love to pretend like you capture pictures from your camera. This neck hanging wooden camera toy is a great gift when your child wants to play something new at home. Get them the real feel of capturing images. Choose from the different colors and gift one soon.

Buy this for $6.25 – 6.30


#7 – Foldable wooden chess set

Wooden International Chess Set Board Game

This chess set is appropriate for kids who have started going to school and understand the different coins and their rules. Chess is one of the best brain development games that makes the kids think of different strategies helping them kill the opponent’s king. Being a wooden base foldable set, you can carry it while travelling and play spending time with the kids during your journeys too.

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#8 – Finger BMX Bike

Mini bikes are great fun. They are a scaled down model of a real working motorcycle. The mini BMX metal-based cycle is apt for kids from 8 years of age. Once your kid is done with the four-wheel cycles, this is an appropriate choice to make for its robust nature will never break the cycle on falling. These toys help in the psychological pressure release allowing the children to treat their hyperactivity. Consider gifting one to your kid enabling them to have a similar mountain bike experience. Small kids will love this gift. Cheap toys for kids. 🙂

bicycle toy for kids

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#10 – Emoji Sticker Sheet

Has your kid started going to school? This emoji sticker sheet is a great addition to make in their notebooks or the kid’s room. Even if not, gifting your kid this emoji sticker sheet will help him/her learn the different emotions. Help them identify what that emotion means. These cute stickers are definitely going to help the kids with learning a lot of new things. Right from a happy face to an angry and a crying emoji, the kid has a lot to explore from these sheets. Help them remove these stickers and paste them into their books adding beauty to them. The complete set has four sheets, 48 stickers in total, highly affordable and one of the greatest educational fun stuff to have.

emoji stickers

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sO above are Best Chinese TOYS to get from Aliexpress

When the child grows older, the brain tends to develop faster. Toys are one of the best ways to make your kids learn most of the things that the books wouldn’t ever do. They help build the child’s brain, help them being productive and allowing them to explore more and more. Get them all you can with massive discounts on AliExpress.

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